AEDs for on the road

Are you on the road a lot or is it important to you that the AED is easy to transport? Then you have found the right choices. The defibrillators listed below are lightweight and designed to be portable.

As a mobile rescuer, one has other demands than a non-professional, so it is best to make sure that the defibrillator you choose has, for example, a manual mode, an ECG display or other functions that will help you when using it.

For an amateur who, for example, likes to go hiking in the mountains or otherwise travels a lot, the Philips Heartstart HS1 listed here makes the most sense. This defibrillator is lightweight, comes with a free case, and is perfectly made for a non-professional to use.

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  1. CU Medical SPR DAE Semi-automatique
    CHF1'459.35 CHF1'350.00
    Livraison rapide, 2 à 4 semaines Ce produit est en stock chez notre fournisseur. Une fois la commande finalisée, nous vous confirmerons le délai de livraison.
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