Prestan Defibrillator Trainers

With the AED trainers from Prestan, you can provide a complete CPR training. In Prestan's range, you will find two types of defibrillator trainer: the Prestan AED Trainer Plus and the Prestan AED UltraTrainer. 

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Prestan defibrillator trainers are not associated with any brand, so you will learn to use different types of defibrillator. In addition, both defibrillator trainers are equipped with a baby/child mode, allowing you to practice paediatric CPR in addition to adult CPR. 

The appearance of the Prestan AED Trainer Plus (dimensions, weight, etc.) comes closest to the AEDs used in practice. The Prestan UltraTrainer is a lightweight solution. This compact defibrillator trainer is very convenient for instructors who provide courses on location and is also a very popular trainer in schools.